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Christmas in Milford 2016

Posted by alumadf on November 17, 2016

Milford 1st annual

Christmas Light Parade!

The 2016 Celebration!! Saturday, December 3rd

Santa is coming to town, 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm

Grab the Kids & camera for a chance to meet Santa

At Milford Memorial Hospital 850 No. Main Street

Please use Front (main) Entrance!

Christmas Light Parade at 6:00 pm on Main Street

Please do not park on Main Street from 5:30 pm thru the end of the parade!

Everyone, is invited to enter in the parade! You just need lights and generator

For parade information contact either:

Gina @ 387-5054 or Nanette @ 387-5017

Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony following Parade @ the South end of Main Street followed by Fireworks!!

Saturday, December 17th will be the judging for a lighting contest for Residential and Commercial displays!


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1950s (Stay Tuned)

Posted by alumadf on February 9, 2016


used to have clear public access

used to have clear public access

Hong Kong 1955 Horn Silver Tomsik's

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Dan Valentine’s adventure in Milford

Posted by alumadf on January 23, 2016

Thanks to Janice Lynn Aagard for the following article from the Salt Lake Tribune columnist Dan Valentine upon his visit to Milford for the 1954 49ers celebration


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Milford Forgie Apartments

Posted by alumadf on November 11, 2015


I took this picture out of the 1958 yearbook. The poster girl is Iola (Butch Young. This foto was taken from the 2nd floor front veranda of the Forgie Apartments, on the corner of 6th south at north main. Over her left shoulder you get a vague view of the back of the depot and over her right is the north side of the Milford Hotel. Bob Tomsik’s garage and Pontiac Dealership was between the hotel and the apt’s. I wanted to show a beginning spot for many long time Milford residents at a time when housing was difficult to find.

It was a good time, I was very young just like Iola (same age). I would very much like to describe the living, but few would believe it. So any reminiscences in the form of comments would be splendid.

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45 WWII Veterans receive diplomas from Milford High School

Posted by mhsalumni on September 25, 2015

 The link below is the KSL news clip video, there is a short advertisement in the beginning, but the video is awesome! This was at the assembly on Saturday September 5, at the Grand Reunion. Click on the red link below.

 45 WWII Veterans receive diplomas from Milford High School

By Sloan Schrage

MILFORD — Milford High School handed out diplomas this month to 45 students who dropped out of school in the 1940s to fight World War II.

Recently, Cheryl Elmer, who grew up in Milford, was trying to organize her mother’s obituary collection by classmates. “She was saying over and over to me, ‘You will not be able to find his graduation date because he went to war,'” she recalled. “I began researching this a little bit and found the impact of war mobilization on Milford High School was immense.”

Elmer poured through old Milford High School ledgers dating back to the war years to see how much that impact really was. She said she found the names of students who had withdrawn from school during this period. Elmer cross-checked those names against World War II rolls of local soldiers. In the end, she said she found 45 veterans who never received diplomas. Elmer wanted to make sure each veteran received a degree. “It is an important acknowledgment to the family of the sacrifices their father, or their loved one gave to this country for our freedom,” said Elmer.

Of the 45 soldiers, Elmer found five had died during the war. One man was killed at the Battle of the Bulge, another at Guadalcanal and a third as a POW on a Japanese ship that was destroyed. Another 36 had died in the years following the war, and only four were still alive. Elmer set out to find the families of all 45 men. “The roots run deep here,” said Elmer. “So I was able to mostly contact relatives and go from there.”

In Nevada, she found Clarence “Bud” Williams still alive. And in Washington State, Bud’s younger brother Leon. The men dropped out of high school to go to war.Bud was the first to go, dropping out in 1942.”We decided it might get over with before we got in there,” remembered Bud. “That’s all we did. We went to Farragut, Idaho. I spent my boot camp there and after that they shipped me down to California and they shipped me to Kodiak, Alaska.” Bud Williams said he began his naval career on a construction detail in Alaska, but ended up being a baker. “They had bacon powder biscuits for breakfast and nobody knew how to make them,” remembered Bud. “I was KP, I got a tap on my shoulder and he said, ‘Come with me, I want you to make us some biscuits.’ I said, ‘OK,’ and when I went there I found 2,200 rations. I’ve only made a panful of biscuits in my life. He said, ‘Well, you tell us how and we’ll help you.’ Right there, I said, ‘OK,’ and they turned out great so there I was — a baker from then on.” Bud’s baking career in the Navy was short-lived. An injury to his legs sent him home just months later. “I’ve had trouble with my legs ever since,” said Bud. “They couldn’t operate on them, them days. So they shipped me back to Seattle, and I was in the hospital there for a long time. They decided they couldn’t do anything with me, so they gave me a medical discharge.”

Leon Williams scuttled his sophomore year to follow brother, Bud, into the Navy the next year. “I went in three months before I turned 17,” recounted Leon. “My mother signed for me, so I went to boot camp. You had to be 17 when you got out of boot camp.” Like Bud, Leon was sent to the Farragut Naval Training Station in Idaho. Within a short while, he was instructing other recruits on how to shoot. “I was from small-town, Milford, deer-hunting family and hunters, so I had quite a bit of experience shooting a gun,” said Leon. “So, I went to the rifle range, and I shot 143 out of a 150 and carried that all the way through the Navy.” Leon’s marksmanship earned him a spot as a gunnery officer in the Pacific fleet. He saw action from the Marshall Islands and the Gilberts, to Guadalcanal and Guam where he shot out cement barriers. “They (Japanese military) had railroad rails on top of the cement barriers,” he said. “Our tracks could not get over those rails, so we had to blow them out so we get in there.” Leon said he never gave a second thought to the close calls along the way. “That’s one of the benefits of being young. You don’t realize the danger. I was there, but I never ever gave it a thought that I would be wounded, or killed or anything,” said Leon.

When the war ended, Leon eventually made it back to Milford without much thought toward finishing high school. “As soon as I came home, I got a job; They hired me as a city marshal,” remembered Leon. “I came home, went to work — just did my thing.” “I worked at the ice plant in Pocatello for a long time,” said Bud. “When I got fixed up so I could do something, I got me a job with the railroad.”

The Williams’ experiences were typical for the Milford veterans returning home.”They came back to the farms, and they came back to the shops,” said Elmer.Even in rural Utah in the 1940s, getting a job without a high school diploma was not always easy.”I’m hearing from some of the veterans that it was important,” said Elmer. “They attempted to get a job on the railroad, and they had to pull some strings. Someone would have to write a letter saying, ‘Yes, please hire him, he’s a good person.'”

This past Labor Day weekend, hundreds of people packed the auditorium of Milford High School as diplomas were handed to the families of 43 WWII veterans. “Now, we can honor them,” said Elmer. “They deserve this diploma. I’m just sorry it has taken us 70 years to figure that out.”

Of the four surviving veterans, only Bud and Leon Williams were able to make it to the ceremony. Both received standing ovations when they were handed their diplomas. Both brothers say they plan on framing their newly received diplomas to share with families. But Leon also quipped that he might apply for some student loans for college.

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Thoughts about the Grand Reunion

Posted by mhsalumni on September 18, 2015

If you missed the Grand Reunion over Labor Day, we are sorry! You missed a grand event! We hope to add pictures soon. The Alumni who attended had a great time visiting with old friends and meeting new ones. The Wall of Fame assembly was excellent and the Veterans Assembly was so very inspiring and moving! The Homecoming football game was great with a very patriotic opening and where else but Milford would the game ball be delivered by a helicopter?! Of course we won!

We had a fun and informative trip to the old ghost town Newhouse, (Pictures will soon follow). We were inspired to stop at Frisco on our way home and noticed this awesome gate at the cemetery! It was made and installed by Bryan Sherwood and Clark Dalton!frisco

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WWII Veterans Ceremony

Posted by alumadf on September 10, 2015

Tune in to KSL channel 5 at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday Sept. 17th for this remarkable graduation ceremony held at Milford High School at the recent Greater Class Reunion. With thanks to Cheryl (Wunderlich) Elmer and helpers.

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Milford Depot 1936

Posted by mhsalumni on August 10, 2015

Here is another photo credited to Edmund R. Gollady , that we found on Wikipedia, titled Milford Train Depot 1936. We like the side view on this snowy day with the old car parked next to it. We never get tired of looking at old pictures of our depot!

We hope you are planning on attending the Grand Reunion September 4,5 and 6th! See you in September!!


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Milford CCC Camp

Posted by mhsalumni on August 2, 2015

As  we are always on the hunt for new pictures we typed in Milford, Utah in google search and came up with a Wikipedia page for Milford. They had a couple of old photos that we have not seen. We did not know there was a CCC camp in Milford in 1936 as the photo indicates. Do any of you historians out there have any information of where this was located? The photo is credited to Edmund R. Gollady titled Civilian Conservation Corp Camp Milford, Utah 1936.


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The “Babe”

Posted by alumadf on July 13, 2015

The “Babe”

                             Request for informationBabe Ruth

“Out of no fault of his own, R.H. Babe Ruth passed away five weeks before his 102nd birthday” reads the June 7th obituary of long time Milford resident and friend to many Milfordites. A daughter Robin Harden has requested any knowledge of his life or remembrances of “Babe” from anyone reading this. She can be reached at 801-359-3603 or by cel # 801-916-8608.

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New in the Home Town

Posted by mhsalumni on June 9, 2015

We were in Milford over Memorial Day and noticed a few new business in town. The Blooms on Main owned by Lacy and Nick Carter have spruced up Main street with their Floral and Home Decor store!  We ordered floral arrangements from them and they did a beautiful job! Its located in the old JC Penny building. 

Another new business located further down towards the overpass is a new Family Dollar Store.

IMG_0231 (1)FullSizeRender

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2015 MHS Grand Reunion

Posted by mhsalumni on June 4, 2015

This Ad appeared in the Beaver County News this week and it is a good reminder for everyone of the big plans for September! The reunion committee is working closely with the High School to make this a special memorable reunion to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the High School! If you have been out of high school 40 years and have not received an invitation to this event and would like to attend please contact Tim Fisher, PO Box 224, Heber City, Utah 84032-024.  See you in September!



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historical project

Posted by alumadf on January 21, 2015

    Major Milestone Reached!!


We need your help. The old, fragile, yellowed Beaver County (Milford News) newspapers remain on wooden shelves at the City Office building, deteriorating daily. We have tried to save them in special archival boxes, but the papers need to be digitized to insure their survival. Through the State Library System, we were able to digitize newspaper years 1916 – 1946, but we need approximately $16,000 to continue years 1947 – 1989Preserving Milford’s history is a worthy project. Please check out utahdigitalnewspapers, find & select the Milford link. After enjoying the journey, dig deep into your pockets and send a donation to:

Milford City Office                  Cheryl Elmer                    Arden Fowles

PO Box 69                                  PO Box 1567                     PO Box 457

Milford, Utah 84751        Beaver, Utah 84713         Milford, Utah 84751 

               !!Please place “Newspaper donation” on your check!!

Thanking Doug Ryan (MHS Class of 42)x2, Dr. Kent Myers with wife Cherie  (49) , Melvin & Shirley (Smith) Persons (49)x2 , Dean & Samantha Stoker (55), Vaughn & Harrriet (Cline) McDonald , (55 & 58 respectively), Ron & Helen Simpkins  (60), Brad & Linda (Johnson) Weston (62), Carol (Myers) Carter (47) , Bob Allen (60), Mikel Glenn (thanks Mikel who spent summers in Milford and attended 7th grade here) (n/a), Gary Anderson (54), Barbara (Norton) (68) and J.L. McCarrey, Betty (Ferguson) McDonald (55), Shawn Gillard, Mary (Reese) Albrecht (48), Sallie (Williams) Tomlinson (60), Janice (Lynn) Aagard (56), Judy (Naruse) Miyashiro (65), Betty (McCulley) Gilmore (64), Delores (Allen) Higginson (63) in memory of mom Katherine (Martin) Allen (40), Gale Anderson (58), Gerald & Jeanette (Gillins) Stoker (51/52), Judith (Cook) Oman (63), Cheryl (Wunderlich) & Ken Elmer (65/64), Alice Elmer (Teacher) (n/a), Beaulah (Eyre) Wunderlich, (41), Dennis & Margaret (Whittaker) Miller (61/61), Circle 4 Farms. A & C Fowles (58), United Way (n/a), Maxine (Stewart) & Dennis Cox (65), Pat (Wilcock) Griffiths (55), Georgia Beth (Smith) Thompson (58), Craig Blackner Family (n/a), Robin & Rob’t Harden (n/a), Milford Lions Club (n/a), Gayle (Tolley) Gale (54), Theo & Shauna Smith (68), Louise (Gillins) & Bob Mcknight (63), Donald & Barbara (Tanner) Rowley (53/55), Wilma (Aagard) Myers & Ed Myers (59), Jay G. Johansen (44), Ron & Sheila (Dalton) Brinkman (57/58), Linda (Sherwood) Conway (63), Joyce (Yount) Neeley (65), Suzan (Williams) Hanel (58), Wayne & Carol (Roberts) Wiseman (67/67), Thea Kay (Young) Leppink (65), Lola (Lamb) Bridge (62), Linda (Roberts) Jones (65), Geniel (Tanner) Moore (51)………..and the finisher is the MHS Greater Reunion Committee through their tireless attention to fund raisers……….The news print is safely in the archives and money ready to be sent for digitizing (1947–1980). These monies have left us short of being able to transfer (1981–1989) please read further.

X= # of separate donations

contributing alumni by decade  40-49 = 9…50-59=20…60-69=24 someone must have graduated after 69. non-alumni contributers =7.

 We can do this!!    WE ARE PRESENTLY @ 98.38 % OF OUR INITIAL GOAL 10/2015  Average contribution (excluding the reunion committee) is  $227.25. Thank you all very much!

Will still appreciate donations to exceed the our initial goal, as we had to leave 1981–1989 in our library. We have received zero donations from classes in the 70s & 80s so far, we hope to hear from some of you, after all these were your MHS decades

Cheryl Elmer —  – (435) 438- 1138

Arden Fowles––(435) 387-2038


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Home Town Authors

Posted by alumadf on December 21, 2014

                              MILFORD’S VERY OWN AUTHORS:

Margaret Ann (Whittaker) Miller, MHS Class of 1961. Just out with her 2nd novel set in and around Beaver County, titled Shades of Lavender. See also Scent of Lavender in archives August 2010 in the left margin of this post.

Ruth Davis Smith, MHS Class of 1979. Her novel Finally is sure to invoke some memories of Milford through the eyes of her heroine.

Gayle Tolley Gale (GG), MHS Class of 1954. Her book for youngsters is Titled Amble, The Very Slow Ambulance.

All books should be available on Amazon however you can reach Ruth @ (435) 387- 2287,  Margaret @ (435) 387- 2788 and Gayle @ (435) 654-4384.


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Glamour Girls of 1946

Posted by mhsalumni on November 5, 2014


These Milford beauties of 1946 were in the video we made in 2009, we don’t know who they are, but we are sure that someone out there does!

Please comment if you can help us!
glamour gilrs 1946

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2 Milford Girls 1927-8

Posted by alumadf on November 25, 2013

This picture was sent from Kathy Farnon Lujan, saying that it was in her fathers (unknown) picture book all these years. The photo identifies the young ladies as Alice Schow and Leah Smith circa 1927-8. I am only guessing due to the ID that it was meant as  Alice on the left. We know that Leah was a daughter of Joe C. Smith and Mary Jane Kirk, and the mother of Bud & David Pullem both MHS grads.How I wish I had the means of visiting with them on that spot. As usual, I can’t find the place primarily due to that corner. I found these 2 as 7th graders in the 1922 “Maroon” (original name of yearbooks) on skalooza .com. plus a blurb about Alices shadow (I wonder)..

Thanks to Nedra Wunderich Kennedy & Cheryl Wunderlich Elmer for making this post possible

Any other info would be appreciated!

2 girls

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Bus Kids and Class of 65

Posted by mhsalumni on November 12, 2013

Judy Naruse Miyashiro (class of 65) sent us these great pictures. She wrote the following about the first picture from 1950:

The picture is of some students that rode the bus from the Milford Flat. I think
this may be from my kindergarten or first grade.   I recognize from left.
Sherwoods (Bryan, Linda, and Laura), ? , Betty Cook?, ?, Judith Cook, Judy
Naruse Miyashiro, ?, ? , Donald Naruse,  ?, Dick Naruse, bus driver (Mr. ?)

1950 u scan0055

3 girls and guitars – Laura Sherwood, Sandra Wilcox, and Judy Naruse Miyashiro  and the girls of 1965

1964 u1965 jCan anyone help identify these gals? Thanks Judy!!

We’d love to post your old pictures!!

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Posted by alumadf on September 22, 2013


An event worthy of your attention has occurred recently. Through her diligence and care Cheryl Wunderlich Elmer and some help from Ken. The portion of Milford Newspapers from 1916 through and including 1946 have been digitized under the auspices of the University of Utah and are available for common, public domain viewing. The site can be viewed at: and under recent additions, choose Milford Newspapers. You can also simply ask your browser for utah digital newspapers.  Thank you so much to Cheryl. Oh and by the way do not miss the chance to browse through…af


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Swimming at MHS 1919

Posted by mhsalumni on August 4, 2013

We have used this picture in the DVD we made for the Grand Reunion in 2006 but we have not shared this on our blog. It is the swimming pool in the old Milford High School! It was copied from the 1919  yearbook courtesy of Barbara Mayer. It was sent out in a group email, before we started this web-site. We got a very nice descriptive letter from Doug Ryan (Class of 1942) as follows:


The picture of the MHS 1919 swimming pool & eight bathing beauties is a great picture. I don’t know any of the gals in the picture, just a few years before my time. The pool was located in the old Milford High School on the lower floor – the Southwest corner of the building, (under the Principal’s office). As you entered the school from the South entrance and down one flight of stairs, just to the left was the first door into the boys restrooms and locker room. The next door to the North was the girls restrooms and locker room. The next door to the North was to the Gym. – the Pit. The swimming pool was located between the boys and girls locker rooms. In the picture, the door on the left of the pool was the door into the girls locker room, and on the opposite side of the pool to the far right of the picture was the door into the boys locker room.The two stalls at the rear of the picture was the two showers. When the girls were using the showers and pool the door to the boys locker room was supposed to be locked, and visa versa.  However,  sometimes some one would fail to lock the doors and guess what ??   High pitched screams would be heard. Many a time a nude boy went sprawling into the girls locker room, with a little help from his good buddies. I don’t know for sure when and why the pool was condemned, but I would guess it was just after the new Gym was built  (1938-1939)  just North of  the old high school. It could be that the pool was leaking and because  there was no filtration or testing system etc. in place. Testing  was done via a test tube and chlorine added by the tester as he or she thought appropriate. Also , the cost of maintaining and keeping up the pool might  have been a factor.

swimming pool 1919 (1)

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Betty McDonald (Class of 55)

Posted by alumadf on June 19, 2013

Betty 1Betty Ferguson McDonald (MHS Class of 1955)

    Press Release from Southern Utah University

Southern Utah University’s new Betty McDonald Pre-Med Institute (MPI) ceremoniously opened its doors on Wednesday with preparations now well underway for its first group of students set to join this Fall 2013 semester.

The new pre-med program, designed to satisfy the need for more complete medical school preparation for SUU’s international students, is the first of it’s kind in the country.

The MPI will enhance the traditional undergraduate pre-med experience by providing the necessary guidance and tutoring to SUU’s growing base of international students seeking medical degrees, engaging them in cultural immersion programs and helping to improve their communication skills and cultural acclimation.

University administrators see a bright future for the new pre-med program, and know it will fill an unmet need.

“Many of our international students come to the U.S. with dreams to enter the health profession,” explained MPI director, Johnny Oh, “But on top of the difficult course work, they’re confronted with learning a language at a collegiate level and adapting to a new culture. It can be very daunting.”

The new pre-med institute will provide access to personal tutors, help students properly compose their research writings, and connect them with local physicians.

In return, MPI students will participate in interpersonal and leadership training, complete community service projects, and benefit from outreach activities with the Harry Reid Outdoor Engagement Center.

Oh explains these additional activities all address important needs specific to the international student experience. “We aren’t just preparing these students for medical school. We’re preparing them for the rest of their future, and the MPI program will teach international students life management lessons and connect them with peers and faculty members that will greatly increase future success.”

SUU has long been known for its stand-out undergraduate preparation for students interested in graduate work and careers within the health fields, already touting a 96-percent student acceptance rate into medical schools among all its undergrads. The new McDonald Pre-Med Institute will ensure the University’s similarly-minded international students do not fall behind.

The Pre-Med Institute is an exclusive program, complete with acceptance requirements and a maximum capacity of 15 new students each year. This first year, the program hopes to bring in new freshmen, to usher them through the entirety of the four-year program. International recruitment for the upcoming fall semester will begin at the conclusion of the spring 2013 semester. Meanwhile, interested students may contact Johnny Oh, MPI director, at 435-865-8198.

SUU’s MPI program is named after philanthropist and southern Utah native Betty McDonald, who has dedicated her life to the health care field, beginning as a medical assistant and eventually becoming chief operations officer of Home Health Services, a regional hospice company she co-founded. McDonald is also a longtime mentor for SUU nursing faculty and students, generously sharing her knowledge and experience.


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